Cremation Memorials


Broulee Memorial Gardens, a beautiful, secure and peaceful environment where cremated remains can be placed forever. We are also a peaceful place where family members and descendants can come and reflect to celebrate the life of the relative or friend.

In Australia today the number of people choosing to be cremated are steadily increasing. Whilst the numbers vary depending on areas, people preferring cremation now outnumber burials.

The number of people choosing cremation funerals has increased in areas where crematorium facilities are easily available; however it is a matter of personal choice. Following the cremation families may choose a memorial in a memorial garden or they may also choose a decorative style of urn.

Cremation memorial options

John Lawn Rose Garden

Grace Adlington Rose Walk

Harry Panjer Rose Gardens

George Bass Garden

Nathaniel Bateman Wall & Garden

Gazebo Garden

Water Course Garden

Ex Service's Garden

Scattering ashes

Scattering the ashes of a loved one has become very popular in Australia. However, choosing the right location is important as a lasting memory in the future. Very often people choose to scatter ashes in a location that was special to their loved one, but over time such places may change or even be built upon, changing the location and with it the memory.

Creating a memorial in a special place helps keep the memory alive beyond the funeral service. Memorials give families and friends a tangible source of comfort and are an everlasting place to come and remember your loved one. In a memorial park, ashes can be placed without fear of the location changing.


Find out more about the cremation process, or visit our cremation FAQs.


What happens at the crematorium on the day of the funeral?

Instructions as to the order of service etc is usually arranged prior to the service with the funeral director. In many cases the coffin is brought into the chapel and placed on the catafalque, committal table, prior to the mourners entering the chapel and taking their seats. At an appropriate time during the service the coffin may be removed from view by the closing of curtains

Can personal mementos be buried or cremated with the deceased?

Yes, although you should discuss this with your funeral director to ensure the item(s) will not be a potential hazard. Although it is common to leave a wedding ring on, most items of value are passed on as heirlooms

How soon after the service does the cremation take place?

As soon as possible following the service

Is the coffin cremated with the body?


Is more than one coffin cremated at one time?


How soon after the service are the ashes ready for collection?

The ashes may be collected after 48hours following the service or receiving the body, please call our office to arrange collection

Can anyone collect the ashes?

No only the Applicant may collect the ashes or their authorised representative. An authorised representative being someone with a letter of authority from the applicant to collect the ashes or act on their behalf, ID must be provided. 

In NSW the applicant is deemed to be the person who signed the application for permission for cremation (other than still-born children) with statutory declaration Public Health Regulation, 2012 Clause 79(1)

Usually the nearest surviving relative or the Executor of the deceased estate

I have scattered the ashes can I still have a plaque?

Yes, as long as we have proof of a person’s death a plaque can be placed within our gardens. This is a common question that usually gets asked around an important time or date such as a birthday, anniversary etc, where a family member or loved one just needs a tangible place to visit and reminisce. It is always good to think long and hard about scattering as there is no going back from there, it is final

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